Hello world!

Hello Classmates!  My name is Ellie, I’m a junior seeking a Bachelor of Social Work here at George Mason University.

I’ve spent the past 9 years moving around, working odd jobs, traveling new places, and dropping in and out of art school until I finally realized where my strengths were and which direction I wanted to take my life!

I work at a little furniture boutique and do freelance upholstery work on the side.  I also love to volunteer.  One of my favorite roles as a volunteer is co-facilitating a weekly group which addresses domestic abuse through prevention and treatment strategies.  Not only has it provided valuable work experience, but I greatly benefit from the material we teach in my personal life!   In my time off, I like to try new restaurants, catch up with friends, and spend time outside.

I decided to set up my blog as a ‘student blog’ rather than a personal one. At this particular point in my life, my role as a student is a major part of my identity.  I addressed the ‘about me’ section by discussing future school-related/career goals.  Therefore, I want my site to appear to be specific for this course, while portraying how I’m developing as a scholar.

I chose my main image because women were an integral part of early computing, yet today, women only represent a small minority in the field of computer science.  As someone who is pursuing a career in Social Work, I am especially interested in empowering vulnerable and oppressed populations.


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