I’m a junior pursuing a degree in Social Work at George Mason University.  I have yet to decide on a focus within the discipline, but lately, I have taken an interest in social work research.

I first gained exposure to research during a Sociology class where I conducted an ethnographic study which investigated the challenges of immigrant street vendors working on DC’s National Mall. Hearing the individual stories and experiences of the street vendors I engaged with inspired me to explore the field of research. I began to understand how research can serve as a tool for empowerment and advocacy, a mission at the heart of social work.

I come from a background in art, so I appreciate the exploratory nature of research and how it can encourage creativity.  At the same time, I find it intriguing how research utilizes a systematic framework to investigate the complex challenges of social injustice.  Lastly, research cultivates curiosity, as it rarely ends with one conclusion, but opens many more doors of opportunity to ask more questions, expand knowledge, and bring about new solutions for positive change.

Each and every course I have taken at Mason thus far has had a profound effect on my ability to decide where I would like to focus my studies. That is… the more I learn, the less I know!

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